There’s always a lot of stuff, isn’t there?

Life really shouldn’t really be about “stuff”.

Life should be about moments and experiences…and people.

You can have all of that without any of the “stuff”.

Take the time to organize your “stuff” and make sure that you are focusing on the thingsĀ that really need (and deserve) it.

If you can’t change it or fix it, stop freaking out about it.

Appreciate the people and things that you have.

Want good things for others.

It feels good.

Don’t confuse tasks with value…or love.

Tasks don’t equal either of those things.

Neither do words, so stop putting so much value in those.

Love and respect for self and others trumps tasks and words all day long.

Get your head and heart straight.

Then…go live it all out in radiant color with “double birds” to the rest.