A little bit silly. A little bit funny. A little bit dirty…as in actual dirt.

I love my kids, family, friends, dogs, and bicycles. I am easily distracted by shiny objects and I once bought a convertible because it was close to the register.  I bought several bicycles for the same reason.

I’m a princess-tomboy who loves exciting food and fantastic footwear.

I wear mascara when I race my bike in the dirt.

I’m a mix of strength, pride, goofiness, and fragility with a sizable dose of social awkwardness.  I believe we need to be kind to each other…and maybe take it easy on ourselves a bit too.

I cannot tell you what this blog will be about because it is just like life…unpredictable.

This is sort of the “white swan” side of my brain.  Like a vacation for my soul.  My race reports, rants, and socially inappropriate musings will still be contained at gorydreadmond.com, the “black swan” side of my brain.

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