Church of Dirt: Let Go

Church of Dirt is BACK!

During my time away, I had many opportunities to explore the concept and act of forgiveness. I feel kissed by the Universe for providing me the many opportunities that I have had to either forgive or be forgiven; neither should be taken for granted.

Take a moment to reflect upon a time when you were forgiven.

Did you feel yourself relax and tensions wash away?

Could you feel warmth inside as of there was an actual temperature change?

Did your spirits lift a bit?

Did you feel a little more optimistic about things and life in general?

Now reflect upon times that you have forgiven someone else.

Imagine them feeling all the goodness that you too had experienced.

Does that not bring you an additional gift of joy?

If you allow yourself to consider these things, perhaps you will first start to forgive others simply so you can feel that gift of happiness and relief as your anger slips away.

Once you realize the power that comes with forgiveness, you will begin to look at things differently.

You will start to really consider perceived offenses before holding onto anger because you will be aware of the damage that holding onto  anger will cause YOU.

Allow this “selfishness”, as it has truly exceptional unselfish benefits.

Imagine the energy that your body will feel because it does not have to allocate energy to things that only slow it down.

Imagine how much better, happier, and faster your rides will be if you possess this lightness in your heart.

Forgiveness is like beet juice for the soul!

Love yourself (and your bike) enough to forgive others for the wrongs that they have committed; even if they are not sorry. It will release you of that burden so that you can move forward in the way that is best for yourself, your loved ones, and your bike.

“If you let go a little, you will have a little peace. If you let go a lot, you will have a lot of peace.” -Ajahn Chah


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