Church of Dirt: Staycation

I have REALLY dropped the ball with sermons for the past two weeks, and I cannot promise that this week will be much better. I wish to extend my apologies to those who have missed the weekly sermons; I promise to get it together the next Sunday (not to be confused with this upcoming one). Unfortunately, life sort of got in the way as it sometimes does and I was not able to sit down and write. I was however able to spend some time reflecting and discussing life and dirt with some members as well as getting quite a few dirty days in…which is good all around.

This Sunday, the Church of Dirt ride will not happen at 8am. I am on staycation starting at noon today (NOW!) and will have family in for their first Missouri/St. Louis visit and they will have my attention. While I do plan/hope to hit the dirt on the knobbies some time Sunday afternoon after our trip to the airport, because I cannot confirm a time I feel it is better to simply cancel the ride. (I will be dragging them out for a showoff of the Castelwood bluffs on a hike though…so that should be fun!)

If I am able to get it (a ride) together with some notice, I will try to post here and the Facebook page, so look for both/either.

Have a fantastic remainder of your work week, stay safe and dry, and send thoughts to the universe for warmth and sun to dry our trails.

Peace, love, and dirt!



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