Church of Dirt: Sunday Ride

With the happiness of ten thousand suns I am able to schedule an actual ride in the actual dirt for this Sunday (April 7th)!

If I was not wearing a skirt and did not think it would make a scene, I would fall right off my seat…right now!

(I will likely do that accidentally anyway so stay tuned, kids!)

Moving right along…

This Sunday there will be a Church of Dirt ride at Castlewood State Park at 8:00am.

We will meet in the Pavilion 1 parking lot (first lot on the left; my playground) and roll from there.

This will be a chill and fun ride (and a post-race recovery ride for some). Bring your helmet, hydration, and a positive attitude and join us on the happiest damn ride of the Spring season thus far!

8 am at Castlewood State Park (1401 Kiefer Creek Rd, Ballwin, MO 63021).

I posted that twice because someone will read this and still ask where and what time…as sure as the sun will rise.

It’s OK if you are bad with words, juts be good with dirt. We will love you.

See you Sunday, people!!




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