Church of Dirt: Pulls, Knocks, Punches, and Kicks

It’s a competitive, judgmental, sometimes harsh world in which we live.

Does it have to be?

Think of someone who may be an enemy or someone whom has angered or hurt you.

Think about how your mind reacted to that situation.

Did you verbalize your anger/hurt feelings or counter with an attack?

Did you promise yourself that you would beat them in the next race or show them up in some other way…or did you shake your head and move on?

Have you ever been so driven by anger at another that you have gone into an activity to release that anger and attack the trails or race with that person or their deeds as your motivation?

Perhaps making your only focus beating them in the race?

Recall how that felt.

Recall how you felt?

Did you feel satisfied at your performance?

Did you feel satisfied at your thoughts?

Were your thoughts peaceful, spiteful, or vengeful…?

Imagine someone having the same thoughts about you.

Do you feel your pulse quicken?

Your skin heat?

Do you see what you have done to your own health and wellness in this moment?

Now imagine entering into that same activity feeling compassion for your enemy.

Compassion for the things that they must be going through in their lives to hurt others or to be ugly in deed.

Can you fell your heart rate slow down a bit?

Can you feel a calmness wash over you?

Can you feel your body release some of its tension?


Try again.


OK, good.

You have now truly beaten your enemy and improved yourself…which is a much more gratifying counter.

Can you feel the smile playing beneath your smirk?


Well, set it free!

Now you are ready to turn your full attention to the trail and your friends and enjoy the day.

(Aren’t you glad I do these things for you so early in the day when you thought you would rather stay angry?)

You’re welcome.

Go get dirty!

“Whenever you are confronted with an opponent. Conquer him with love.” -Mahatma Gandhi


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