Church of Dirt: Harder Than You

That girl who is wearing a kit that is a little/a lot snug, about whom you were about to snicker…has been fighting her weight issues all her life and is really excited to finally fit into “proper” gear. She is terrified to eat a single thing in front of anyone.

That guy who slowly dismounts and gingerly steps over the log with his bike…is recovering from surgery and this is his first time back on the bike. He is in acute pain.

That one lady riding off the back of the group, for whom you have to wait at the top of each climb…is struggling to breathe and is having a panic attack hoping not to be left behind or alone or frustrate anyone. She will beat herself up for hours after the ride.

That other guy who cannot seem to get his act together and is always forgetting gear, nutrition, shoes…had a head injury that affected his memory and some days all he can remember is his name and that he loves to ride his bike.

That one guy on the crappy ol’ beater with chipped paint…is financially strapped and bought that bike from a pawn shop just so he could ride and escape his debt and stress for an hour. If he gets a flat, he is screwed.

That other guy with all the race gear on charging ahead is pushing himself harder and harder because this is all he has; his only identity. He has never been told by anyone that they are proud of him…except when he is on
his bike. His riding companions are the only social interactions he has. He is alone.

That one girl who hangs back from the group and gets dropped behind…is so crippled with fear of failure that she would rather fall behind than have anyone witness her fear…even though she has never failed. She will cry later and wish she was more brave.

Everyone has a story. These are a few.

Everyone started at the bottom and we have all had unfortunate events in our lives.

If we are healthy mentally and physically, we are further kissed by the Universe.

Practice compassion toward whomever you come upon on the trail or road.

Consider their blockage of your desired line a sign for you to contemplate your own actions. Consider that they are there for a reason…and that maybe that reason is you.

Be kind. Let that idea and action marinade within and see how you feel
0-15 seconds later.

That person has just made your day better.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” -Plato


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