Church of Dirt: The Best Laid Plans

When I started the Church of Dirt, it was partially in jest and partially a way to reconnect with human, bike, and dirt.

I had no idea that the Universe would curse/bless us with unfortunate weather for worshiping the trails and having to revise plans…every week.

In this brief time, I have learned much about myself, my friends, and my love for the bike.

As I was forced again to revise the ride plan to accommodate the weather, I can now close my eyes and feel the amusement set in and spread across my face where once upon a time there would have been frustration…and maybe a bit of anger.

This weather has taught me to go with the flow and do what needs to be done to get the positive energy out there and the wheels turning…without once having to resort to the trainer. Coming up with new adventures has been fun and stress-relieving…even when the alternate plans were difficult on body and/or ego.

If you consider all the plans that did not go as expected, you might realize that if you can do so…

…the world did not come to an end;
…some great things happened instead;
…you learned a lot about yourself, good or bad (PSSSSST…it’s all good);
…you got stronger mentally and/or physically;
…plans are merely a guideline and not a rule.

Whether you find yourself on the gravel with us today, on the road, on the trainer, or doing some other fun activity, feel gratitude that you are able to do so and have the time to do so. Reflect…and pass your happiness forward.

“All human plans [are] subject to ruthless revision by Nature, or Fate, or whatever one preferred to call the powers behind the Universe.” -Arthur C. Clarke


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