Church of Dirt: Sunday’s Ride

You may have noticed that the trails are wet…and still getting wet. As I have given up sarcasm for Lent (hahaha! GOTCHA!), I am going to simply change the location of Sunday’s Church of Dirt ride to a gravel grinder and a bit of an adventure.

(No, not like an adventure race; there will be no paddling or swimming, or finding of impossible markers in the woods.)

This week, the Church of Dirt will ride the gravel along the Monarch Chesterfield Levee Trail and down by the river, and possibly venturing over to Howell Island.

We will meet at the Hardees Iceplex Trailhead (trailhead is on NE(?) side of lot) at 8am/800/8 o’clock. You’ll find it. I have faith. Pull in, turn right, turn left at end of the row, and BOOM!


It will be a 15-20 mile ride and because the ground is wet, be prepared for your legs to feel “joy” and life/fire.

You can ride whatever bike you feel is reasonable, but cx bikes are encouraged; tricycles, hybrids, and recumbent are not at all encouraged.



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