Speed Up, Swerve, Yell, Honk, and Bump

While following the Death By Hills ride as the unofficial SAG vehicle yesterday, I witnessed immediately the aggression toward the group as soon as they rolled out at the start. My intent had been to follow behind them until the road opened up enough that there would be enough space for cars to safely pass. That didn’t happen immediately and I worried about my friends, and so I stayed behind them, and thanking motorists for their patience. When I read this article in the Boston Globe today, I immediately thought of all of us who ride on the road, the families of my friends, and even my own kiddos. So this afternoon’s quote is one for the motorists who feel the rage build when they see their 2-wheeled counterparts hogging up “their” roads. Before you speed up, swerve, yell, honk, or bump us…remember that we are all someone’s kid too, but many of us are also someone’s mom or dad. Don’t ruin your life or our family’s lives over a few minutes. We thank you in advance.

“No matter one’s opinion of cyclists or their riding habits, they are practically defenseless against the smallest sedan, never mind an SUV or a truck. Drivers simply have to take the high road — not only around cyclists who abide by the rules of the road, but even around selfish cyclists who don’t. Shaving a few minutes along the way can’t possibly outweigh the risk of maiming or killing a fellow human being.” -The Boston Globe


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