Church of Dirt: The Optional Defeat

Today you will encounter snow, ice, hidden rocks, slippery descents, challenging climbs, and probably very cold fingers.

Your nose will freeze to your face and snot with drip uncontrollably down your numb flesh.

You will feel pain and discomfort for the first 10-20 minutes.

You will consider bad words and make deals with your god(s).

Consider how alive you feel.

Allow yourself to exhale powerfully as you will yourself to continue on.

This is more than a simple ride; it is a test.

It is not a test for anyone to judge, but only for you to see.

Think of all you will learn and overcome in this rare chance to ride in these temporary elements.

Think of the joy you will feel when you are done.

Think of how you will have another experience to catalog in your mental Rolodex of past joys…there for you to revisit the next time you need it.

It is simply snow, trail, and machine.

You are bigger and better than them.

You have all the power.


“Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.” -Roger Crawford


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