Church of Dirt: The Key to Joy

As I watched the weather forecast this week, I allowed my excitement to grow as it became likely that we would have the opportunity to worship our beloved dirt this weekend.

In doing so, my mind naturally recalled past MTB rides and races and I felt joy and calm.

Sometimes, we allow our disappointment at not being able to do or have something cloud our vision and in doing so, cloud our joy.

Think now of some of the most exciting things you have done.

Maybe it was a race in which you really pulled ahead and blasted your race companions; the sight of your newborn infant; or the first time your child rode their bike unassisted…

Think of your face and your smile.

Recall the feeling of joy.

Do you not feel joy right now in those recollections?

Can you not access that joy whenever you choose?

This is your gift and should be revisited regularly.

It is not an escape, but an acknowledgement of all that is good and joyous to balance all that is not.

These are the things that we must focus on…and must make a concentrated effort to create more.

So as you ride over the dirt today, absorb all the joy that you feel for your ability to do so and try to record every moment in your mind for the next time you need to revisit.

“Maybe the key to joy is learning not just to create it, but also to recycle it—to bask in all the good that has been and realize how fortunate we are for having known it.” – Lori Deschene


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