Church of Dirt – The Liar’s Punishment

“The liar’s punishment is, not in the least that he is not believed, but that he cannot believe anyone else.”
― George Bernard Shaw

This week, as we reflect on those who have lied to us or about us, consider their inner pain and sentencing.

Imagine a world in which one has so closed themselves off to trusting others, that they miss the intimacies and joys that honest friendships and relationships bring.

Think about the times you have told lies and compare it to your willingness to believe others who have told their stories.

Now consider how empty your life would be if you had never trusted, believed, or experienced the stories and shared experiences of others.

Consider how much celebration for your own life would be missed if you chose to instead spend your time focusing on lies.

Imagine the stress of living a life in which all others are to be doubted and disbelieved.

Imagine a life in which your days were spent having to remember every untruth, deception, or betrayal.

Now, allow yourself to feel compassion for someone who has chosen this path, as in many ways, they are exhibiting self-harm and need empathy and compassion more than they need or require judgment.

You may never reach them, as they are unable to believe or trust, but your commitment will keep you grounded and bring you peace…and some days, that is the kiss of a thousand rays of sunlight on your eyelids.


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