I’ve Learned…

I’ve learned that you are what you eat…and that I don’t want to be a soft, smooshy cupcake or puffy, orange Cheeto.

I’ve learned that you are only as good or bad as your last action, so if you want to feel or be viewed as good, your actions better back that up.

I’ve learned that fear can be paralyzing, but that it’s reversible.

I’ve learned that bloody knees heal, hair grows back, and that I have laugh lines for a reason.

I’ve learned that playing with your kids will keep you young…and informed.

I’ve learned that every family is different, weird, and a mess…and that that truth makes it special and interesting.

I’ve learned that many times, fantastic things come out of bad choices or horrible events.

I’ve learned that there is a lesson in everything, including the positives.

I’ve learned that sometimes your positives have a negative outcome for others and that compassion and humility go a long way in keeping things balanced.

I’ve learned that perspective is way more important than perception and that having the former can greatly enhance the latter.

I’ve learned that everyone feels the same at some point.

I’ve learned that if I don’t do what other people want me to do the world will not collapse. (Mine or theirs.)

I’ve learned that compromising on wants but never on needs will keep a person true to self and relatively sane.

I’ve learned that if you love people, all people, you will have no regrets at the end of the day or the end of a life.


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