Nippy, Critty, Dirt Worship

Hey there!

I am really excited by the positive feedback I have received on this past Sunday’s sermon. It brings me joy that I could connect with those who needed it. Thank you again for humoring my little project.

In planning this upcoming weekend’s sermon, it dawned on me that alternate suggestions for dirt worship will have to again be made.

Because I have agreed to do the Nippy Niner run thingy with my dear, sweet friend who has a way of talking me into odd things, I will not be able to host an 8am MTB ride on Sunday.

However, I offer you two (TWO!) alternate dirt-worshiping options.

Option 1:



The Cold Hearted Crits will begin at 8:30am on Saturday, so my sermon will post here at 7am Saturday so that all can get their zen and dirt on.

Please join us in Crystal City, MO Saturday, Feb 2, 2013 at:

West City Park – 2200 Sunshine Drive, Festus, Missouri 63028

If you have never been to dirt crit worship, it is a whole other level of awesomeness that one must experience for themselves.

Races are only $20! Do it!

Option 2: While I do not typically encourage running of any sort that does not involve saving one’s life, because this run has some gravel and off-road trail running components to it, I will allow it.


I do not anticipate that I will post a second sermon on Sunday morning, but anything is possible as running quite often inspires thoughts that require me to search for the less-than-obvious positives in life.


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