Little Victories, Big Victories, Happy Victories

1Today, you will have to use you mind to think about your last MTB ride, as the Universe has blessed us with rain that someone or something needed.

Think about the first few minutes of any given MTB ride.

Think of how your wheels glide over roots, boulders, and jagged rocks immediately.

Allow yourself a moment to reflect upon the very first time you rode MTB.

Were those items considered obstacles then?

Did they seem impossible?

Did you feel stress, fear or nervousness about whether you would overcome them?

Did you get off and walk around or over, or did you try to roll over?

Did you do it successfully immediately or did the ground jump up and give you a welcoming hug and bloody kiss?

Consider how much you have learned and how you can now overcome those same items with ease and confidence.

Then, broaden that pondering to other aspects of your life.

Perhaps you have overcome an illness or financial difficulty.

Maybe you have repaired a relationship or friendship, or achieved some other goals that initially appeared impossible or frightening.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to feel joy as you think about every victory you have had, small or grand in your life.

Let that lift you up in spirit and bring you comfort.

Allow yourself to smile now…no matter how silly you may feel.

Let that smile marinade and seep all the way into your soul and warm your bones.

If you see someone else struggling with getting their wheel over the terrain, whether literally or figuratively, extend a hand, a tip, or a kind word of encouragement.

It could mean and make the difference for them and you.

Peace, love, and dirt.

“The obstacles of your past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings.” -Ralph Blum


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