Church of Mud

muddy trailsIt looks like the first session for the Ballwin Church of Dirt is going to be a little wet…and possibly freezing and wet. Should that be the case, there will not be a MTB ride, as the first rule of dirt worship is to respect the trails.

Should the weather be simply unpleasant and not the icy rain that is expected, the ride will be moved to the Al Foster Trail for some gravel TT’ing (cx or MTB bikes) and a post-ride run for anyone who is interested. The ride will begin at 8am at the Al Foster Trail Head.

Here is a map.

If it is actually raining, the ride will be canceled. I will post on the Facebook page and update here, but please use your best discretion.

Sunday’s “sermon” can be found here, but will post at 8:00am on Sunday for anyone who doesn’t ride but does read.


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