First Ballwin Church of Dirt

ImageOn December 10, 2012 I became an ordained minister so that I could marry my same-sex friends. Because that is not yet legal, I decided to start the First Ballwin Church of Dirt while I optimistically await the day when all people will be equal and afforded the same rights before they become one with the dirt. Also, I am a MTB’er and CX’er and I love dirt so why not have an informal meeting place for like-minded people?

Here’s a little about The First Ballwin Church of Dirt…

1. It is not an organized church and zero religion is practiced but all (ALL) are respected.

2. It is simply riding, meditation and the performing of same-sex marriages* (once legal).

*Heterosexual weddings will be performed by special request for people I like or whom are ridiculously hopelessly romantic and only on days which are not otherwise occupied with family time or bike riding.

Dirt worship is a personal thing, but organized worship will take place each Sunday morning at 8am at Castlewood State Park in the playground parking lot (first lot on LEFT) unless another location is specified. Rides start with an inspirational quote for the day and 60 seconds of silence and reflection. Then we clip in and ride. “Services” (aka RIDING!) last anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours. Race day contingency plans will be developed on a case-by-case basis.

Peace, love, and dirt to all…young and old!


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